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Share your games with a spouse, partner, family member or friend


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12 Games
$ 559
  • Transferable

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12 Games + Dinners
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12 Nine-hole rounds

No Dinner Meals

12 Nine-hole rounds

12 Dinner Meals

Frequently Asked Questions​

The frequent player package allows you to share your games with a spouse, partner, family member or friend. You can use two rounds one day by bringing a friend, another day you might bring one or two family members or perhaps golf alone.

Our pro shop staff will keep track of the rounds that are played and who uses them.

The frequent player package is valid for one year from the purchase date.

You can golf any day of the week or time of day; however, the games cannot be used for group events of more than 15 players (not for tournament use)

To make a dinner reservation you just call the pro shop (877-385-3222) to book your tee time. Your dinner reservation will follow your round of golf. 

Dinner is served from 4pm – 8pm

You can find the 9 & Dine menu by clicking here.